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Bedroom Mental Renovation

When February is coming, you know what’s approaching with it. The Valentine’s Day, together with every corner of the city painted pink and the theme on every television shows is being associated with men and women relationship. A year ago, it’s probably okay for you. Heck, you even waited for that day to come. But now, after you know you can’t be happy all the time, you turned into a somber cat lady-wannabe, spending the nights staring gloomy at your TV while munching on ice cream, still wearing pajamas.

True, February is not really a perfect time to be broken-hearted. Yet although you are not happy, doesn’t mean you’re destined to be sad and stuck inside your bedroom all the time. Not just it’s pathetic, but it also won’t help you to get better at all.

Go renovate your life. Maybe not your feelings right now, but at least you can renovate your bedroom to help it. And bet you one to ten, it really does help. Depends on your vigor and excitement, you can do a total renovation to your bedroom, but even doing a little redecorate here and there still could help. Change your room arrangements, move the bed and the desk. Put a poster above it, or do some wild paintings on it. And most important of all, throw away all that old clutters you’ve been staring and moping at.